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Every day, people like you share with us how their lives have been significantly changed by using Armaid and adopting the practice of self-care. Their comments inspire us to work our hardest, spreading the word about self-care and providing the highest levels of support for our clients. 

Here are some of our favorite video and written testimonials.  We hope they inspire you too!

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 The attacks of tendonitis were getting increasingly bad. Now using Armaid, I'm free to play as long as I like and have the confidence and ability to play anything again. The way Armaid gets into the muscles and relieves the tightness is incredible! 
– Chris Thile, Professional Acoustic Musician, Grammy Award Winner, McArthur Award Recipient 2012, Host of "A Prairie Home Companion"

• • •

With the physical demands of performing on the double bass, keeping one's body in balance is a top priority. In particular, the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the hands and arms are in constant use. Problems arise when these areas (especially in the left forearm) become so tight they seem like bone rather than muscle. Armaid has proven to be a valuable tool in relieving arm and hand tightness. It is very effective in flushing out muscle pain. Used judiciously in small time periods, it can really open and balance muscles, ligaments & tendons, helping to achieve a good operational balance. I've also found relief by using it on the triceps, biceps, and even the deltoid regions. Thank you Terry Cross for creating, developing and marketing Armaid. It truly ranks tops on my list of "heal thyself" pressure point devices and I anticipate using it for many years.
– Peter Dominguez, Professor of Jazz Studies and Double Bass, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Director of the Oberlin Jazz Septet

• • •

I have owned the Armaid for over 2 years. In that time it has been a staple of my recovery methods for the sport of armwrestling. To say I thoroughly enjoy this product is a understatement. That said, last weekend I had the opportunity to have Physical Therapist Lisa Klinkenberg show me a "better way" to utilize the Armaid and I now LOVE this device. I can not recommend the Armaid, and Lisa enough! Despite demo videos online, she had a few tricks up her sleeve to get more out of my Armaid; flexion, pronation, supination, extension, circumduction, trigger spot, tacking, and more. Happy customer approaching 3 years of use. – Robert Belley, Team USA Armwrestling, fitness professional

• • •

For years, performing music I have frequently experienced arm pain. As musicians we utilize are hands, wrist, forearms, biceps, triceps, trapezius. . .the list goes on. I personally have spent thousands of dollars on massage therapy and chiropractor care to keep my body well-tuned. When I got my hands on Armaid, I was already excited (finally a product for my tendons). I quickly watched the instructional videos and started using it myself. After just a few days I could already feel the difference. No more popping sounds as I turn my wrist, no more tension after I play, and the best part, I don’t have to go to the massage therapist or chiropractor nearly as much! In addition, I travel worldwide, and finding someone in a foreign country, as you can imagine, is not easy. However, I can bring Armaid with me anywhere because it’s so small, light, and durable. This is not just a product for athletes but musicians and, well, everyone. It’s a product we need to keep our bodies in tune just like we keep our instruments.  You can’t perform at optimum level if your body is out of tune. – Shawn Renzoh Head, Professional Musician

• • •

I have been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years and a rock climber for nearly 10 years. In my job I do a lot of manual therapy and outside of work, I climb 2-3 days per week. Therefore, my hands and arms get some heavy duty and repetitive use without much rest or recovery. I've had bouts of elbow tendonitis that have taken months to get rid of. To assist with the management of pain and tightness I have often sought treatment by licensed massage therapists because soft tissue mobilization has been necessary in the recovery process. Unfortunately, few of us can afford to see a massage therapist as frequently as would be ideal. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to try the Armaid. I had been scoping out other similar products with the potential of purchasing one to help me get some relief in between trips to a therapist. I have used the Armaid consistently for the past couple weeks and have been very impressed! It is very well designed ergonomically, is easy to use and does what it claims to do. It is adjustable for all sizes of arms, is versatile and portable (which is excellent for bringing to the gym or the crag to get rid of the "pump" in between climbs !) Since the person using it is in control of the amount of pressure applied, and the angle of the pressure, it provides individualized soft tissue mobilization to help release whatever is currently painful and tight throughout the entire arm and hand. The Armaid allows for 2 types of massage: Circulatory-which helps remove lactic acid build up and gets the blood moving more efficiently thru the arm; and the Trigger Point massage helps release deep or superficial trigger points by applying sustained pressure as you move the arm in a variety of angles to stretch the muscles, tendons and fascia in oblique planes. If general tightness and trigger points can be addressed in this way on a regular basis, it can help to prevent tendonitis from developing, as well as treat existing tendonitis and muscle pain. Plus, it feels really good to use it! I am pleased to now own the Armaid and will highly recommend it to my patients and fellow climbers! I've been bringing my Armaid into the climbing gym and people there always ask about it. I let them try it and they all say it feels really good. Many have expressed interest in buying one. I've highly recommended it and told them about your website.
– Tami Deitzer, Physical Therapist and Rock Climber

• • •

The Armaid impressed me from the moment I saw it. It is a great tool for assisting with the management of soft-tissue injuries to the arm. With all of the hype over foam rolling, it is a wonder that it took this long for someone to address the upper extremity, but the Armaid is more than just a "foam-roller" for the arm; it is also the athletic trainer's best friend for dealing with those pesky trigger points! I recommend the Armaid for anyone looking for a better alternative to managing injuries to the elbow and forearm. Great tool, totally unique and effective. I highly recommend Armaid to manage injuries to the elbow and forearm. Armaid is an Athletic Trainers' best friend to free up trigger points and regain ROM anywhere in the arm.
– Paul J. Culina, M.Ed., LATC, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Maine Orono

• • •

When I first saw the Armaid I laughed at its awkward shape. It was no laughing matter when I put it to the test. I was able to release old trigger points in my forearm that have been frozen for years. I train hard, sometimes to the point of breaking. In the seventeen years that I have been a professional rock climber, I have never found a more perfect device to help combat the harsh work load I put my forearms through. It only took one time using this funny looking device and I was hooked. I now use Armaid every time after my training sessions and also make my 40+ students use it after I train them to near failure. I'm a hard critic about many sports related products, ask anyone that knows me. I love this Armaid device and I will use it till the day I can't pick it up.
– Christopher Joseph Sierzant, Professional Rock Climber

• • •

I am the pitching coach at the University of California at San Diego and also the batting practice pitcher for the San Diego Padres for the past 25 years. I say this to give a little bit of credibility for letting you know how much I use your product.

When throwing batting practice, I throw approximately 150-200 pitches. I do this for seven to thirteen days in a row. Last September, I was introduced to Armaid by Todd Hutcheson, head Trainer for the Padres. From the first time I used Armaid I could feel the difference. It was like a massage and it loosened up my arm before I went onto the field. I used it for the rest of the season and did not experience the usual tight and sore tendonitis condition that usually occurs. I have since introduced it to other ball players who have had similar positive results.

I am 53 years old and still throw all year long. Thanks to Armaid, it has become much, much easier.
– Jim Allen, University of California at San Diego, Former Coach

• • •

In October of 1998, after 10 years of working with computers as a graphic designer, I suffered a serious repetitive motion injury to my hands, wrists, and elbows that altered my existence into a daily regimen of debilitating pain and limitation. I couldn't hold open a book for more than a few seconds, couldn't use my hands to hold my baby girl, and suffered holding utensils or brushing my hair. Since that day, I've met with countless doctors (including trips to the renowned Mayo Clinic), gone through numerous pain medications, and have had many sessions of physical therapy and rehabilitation. In my quest to overcome my injury, I've looked at nearly every device available to help out people with RSI problems. Among the many alternatives, I tried acupuncture, learned to use a computer with my feet, employed speech recognition, and used a "mouse" device by moving my head.

By early 2005, although my condition was drastically improved, I still needed to rely on numerous adjunct devices to continue my life as a graphic designer. Though I'm now self-employed, I still take pain medication daily, and I continue to use my feet for about 90% of my time on the computer. Recently, in my never-ending quest to overcome the pain I still feel, I read some positive reviews about Armaid on the internet. With a healthy dose of skepticism, but willing to give Armaid a try, I received the product in January of 2005.

As was suggested, I took it slow at first, using it on my forearms and hands for just a few minutes at a time, once or twice a day. Although I had some mild pain (as I was told I probably would by the Armaid folks) after first use, I considered the self-massage a "good" pain - like something new was happening . . . like something was getting accomplished. Surprisingly, after the 2nd day of using Armaid, my arms felt differently. The best way I can describe it is that my arms felt "free" and "lighter." I felt it was too good to be true when my pain subsided after just two days of use, so I held off telling anyone about Armaid, even my wife. I was not convinced that what I was feeling (or not feeling in this case) wasn't "all in my head."

Well, I've been using the Armaid for about a month now, and I really cannot believe it! I have not had a single day of pain since! After doing everything imaginable to beat this enormously debilitating injury - an injury that threatened my livelihood - this simple device has done what nothing else could; it has given me back a pain-free life! It has given me confidence and hope where little existed before! You've taken an injury that changed my life for the worse, that some of the finest doctors in the world (including those I saw at the Mayo Clinic) were completely dumbfounded about, and erased it away in 2 days! All I can say in all honesty and sincerity to Terry Cross and everyone involved with Armaid; Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please, for the sake of all the people who are still suffering like I was - get this wonderful product in the hands of all those physical therapists, doctors, and other rehab specialists who don't know of its existence. And for anyone else who can relate at all to my story, you owe it to yourself to give Armaid a try! Thank you so much!
– David Coleman, Imagine Creative Design, Indiana

• • •

I love your company and your newsletter! Great stuff! Thanks for being real human beings. Your concern and caring spirits are very evident. I am blessed to know all of you and to have found Armaid!!! Highest Regards.
– Dana Venzor

• • •

Thank you so much for the 5% donation. Could you please apply this to the Access Fund. Also, thank you for the 5% off the order and shipping at a lower than expected cost. It is wonderful to see such a caring company. I will be certain to let all of my climbing buddies know you are a top notch business. Thank you again for making such a great product, and having it made in the USA.
– Chad S., Texas

• • •

Thought I couldn't be any more satisfied with the product. Happy to say the customer service proved me wrong – much appreciated!
– T.C., IN

• • •

Thank you for all your assistance and your honesty, it seems to be a rarity in today's business world. Your actions help me to keep some faith that there are still good people (and companies) out there.
– Greg Lee, Australia

• • •

The company is independently owned and I have spoken with the owner (Terry) myself on several occasions and he could not have possibly been any nicer or more helpful, both before I purchased the Armaid and after. He represents what is now an unfortunately small percentage in the business world today, and this testimonial is from my heart as huge THANK YOU for being who he is and making such an wonderful product available to me at time I needed it the most. God Bless!
– Jeff, Tennessee

• • •

Prior to using Armaid, my activities of daily living were severely limited because of pain in my upper extremities due to repetitive motion injury. I was limited to one of the following activities on working days (four hours a day administrative assistant) and two of the activities on non-working days:

  • washing and blow drying my hair
  • preparing a meal with prepared food and cleaning up after eating
  • vacuuming or dusting my apartment
  • changing the sheet on my bed
  • grocery shopping and putting away only the perishables
  • laundering and putting away two loads of clothes
  • playing the piano for 5 minutes or assembling a jigsaw puzzle for 10 minutes on non-working days, resulting in hand and forearm pain for the remainder of that day

I was laid off from my job at the end of February. In April I began a medically necessary diet that increased my meal preparation and clean-up time 80%, which caused severe hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and upper back pain.

In April I was instructed in Armaid self massage. I am amazed at the difference that Armaid self massage has made in increasing my activities of daily living. I can perform most of the tasks listed above on the same day with no pain. Any tenderness that develops with any of the above activities is completely relieved with Armaid self massage. I feel like I have my life back! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able live a more normal life now. And best of all, I can play the piano 30 minutes a day with no pain! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I highly recommend Armaid for people with repetitive stain injury of the upper extremities.
– Kay Wright

• • •

I was in a severe car wreck in which my right arm (I'm right handed) was smashed against the dashboard and windshield. I haven't been able to use it efficiently since that injury. I've gone though many years of ultrasound, electro-stimulation, physical therapy, massage and exercise. I was even advised to undergo surgery. I lost hope in recovering.

Then I discovered Armaid. I tried it for two weeks . . . just a few minutes a day (at home). With Armaid I can treat myself. And it works better than all the other treatments I've undergone. Armaid has given me hope and confidence that I will be able to have a strong and efficient arm again.

Thank you Mr. Cross for your amazing Armaid breakthrough invention.
– R. Kodet




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