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I am happy to recommend Armaid to my clients.  I have very high standards in the products I use and am delighted with Armaid.  It is a brilliant design and effectively massages all of the muscles of your lower arm. As a manual therapist, I am using this product for my own self-care and often recommend it to my clients with similar discomfort.David Abookire, Certified Massage Therapist,Director of Therapies for Boulder Therapeutics, Inc., Massage Therapist for the Colorado Rapids since 1999

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We really like to recommend Armaid to our patients and colleagues that are hindered from pain and dysfunction in their arms due to injury and overuse issues. It is a great tool to help self threat these issues so they can return to daily activities they have been unable to perform with ease. It also helps with therapy treatments and allows for more time to address other issues that may be affecting patients. - Chris West, MPT, Pace + West Physical Therapy

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I have been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years and a rock climber for nearly 10 years.  In my job I do a lot of manual therapy and outside of work, I climb 2-3 days per week.  Therefore,  my hands and arms get some heavy duty and repetitive use without much rest or recovery. I've had bouts of elbow tendonitis that have taken months to get rid of.  To assist with the management of pain and tightness I have often sought treatment by licensed massage therapists because soft tissue mobilization has been necessary in the recovery process.  Unfortunately, few of us can afford to see a massage therapist as frequently as would be ideal.  I recently had the fortunate opportunity to try the Armaid.  I had been scoping out other similar products with the potential of purchasing one to help me get some relief in between trips to a therapist.  I have used the Armaid consistently for the past couple weeks and have been very impressed!  It is very well designed ergonomically, is easy to use and does what it claims to do.  It is adjustable for all sizes of arms, is versatile and portable (which is excellent for bringing to the gym or the crag to get rid of the "pump" in between climbs !)  Since the person using it is in control of the amount of pressure applied, and the angle of the pressure, it provides individualized soft tissue mobilization to help release whatever is currently painful and tight throughout the entire arm and hand.  The Armaid allows for 2 types of massage:  Circulatory-which helps remove lactic acid build up and gets the blood moving more efficiently thru the arm; and the Trigger Point massage helps release deep or superficial trigger points by applying sustained pressure as you move the arm in a variety of angles to stretch the muscles, tendons and fascia in oblique planes.  If general tightness and trigger points can be addressed in this way on a regular basis, it can help to prevent tendonitis from developing, as well as treat existing tendonitis and muscle pain. Plus, it feels really good to use it!  I am pleased to now own the Armaid and will highly recommend it to my patients and fellow climbers!  I've been bringing my Armaid into the climbing gym and people there always ask about it.  I let them try it and they all say it feels really good.  Many have expressed interest in buying one.  I've highly recommended it and told them about your website. Tami Deitzer, Physical Therapist and Rock Climber

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Armaid has proven to be effective as a unique self-use therapy device and protocol for many types of repetitive strain problems of the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow.  I suggest Armaid for home and office outpatient use as it is therapeutically beneficial, easily applied and cost effective.  I believe Armaid will have a significant contribution to help reduce Worker's Comp costs for repetitive strain injury. Dr. Lee Rice, M.D.

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I have had a chance to try your product a couple of times. In case you don't know this, I have also suffered from all sorts of RSI injuries and still experience some symptoms from time to time. So, I can give your product a serious try, from someone who has been in the trenches and really understands what an injured person is going through.

I have attached a copy of the testimonial I just sent to the Sorehand list about Armaid (below). I hope you are pleased with the review. As I state in the testimonial, there are various conditions that are present in the bodies of many RSI sufferers that cannot be addressed with Armaid. But, for the areas that Armaid can reach it is the best device I have seen for truly helping those areas of the body (upper and lower arms) . . .

I think you have a real winner here and I'm delighted that I have something I can recommend to all the people worldwide who ask me for advice after reading my book. I'd also like to recommend Armaid to members of my professional organization, and to the therapists I train in RSI treatment techniques around the world.

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to preview your product. I had a hard day at work today and I plan to go use Armaid right now to relieve my lingering symptoms.

Sent to Sorehand:

I just received Armaid and have tried it a few times. I must say that I am impressed with the results. I especially found it helpful when my forearms are fatigued and have a sort-of "sizzling" feeling in them. I must admit that this device even works faster than some of my stretches for the forearm!!!

Armaid will not help adhesions in the armpit which I have found to be present in at least 75% of my patients and are often the source of my own occasional discomfort. It does not do anything for restrictions in the range of motion in the shoulder blades either (another important and often overlooked aspect of RSI's). But, it is absolutely great for the forearms and for relieving the tissues that extend into the palms.

If you plan to get Armaid, I highly recommend that you also add stretches and range of motion exercises for the armpits and shoulders/shoulder blades to your recovery plan. Often, pain, discomfort and restrictions in the forearms and hands are caused by shortening fascia in the armpit/shoulder region. If this is the case for you, then working with Armaid on your upper and lower arms only will just give you temporary relief at best. If you use Armaid in conjunction with the armpit and shoulder exercises in the same exercise sessions, you stand a much higher chance of achieving really great results through your own self-care. Just go slowly, follow their directions carefully and don't abuse your injured tissues in your enthusiasm for this tool.

I plan to recommend Armaid on my website, and believe me, I seldom recommend other's products. This product is definitely worth investigating! Sharon Butler, Hellerwork Practitioner, Author of Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Self-Care Program

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I would like to thank you for making Armaid available for myself and my patients. I am a registered occupational therapist. One of my specialties is treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries. I have found that Armaid is invaluable for stabilizing and maintaining the use of the hands and arms, even in severe cases.

One of my patients was under traditional treatment for one and a half years. Her improvement was modest at best. She was able to work only four hours a day at her computer. I ordered an Armaid for her and within a month of regular use, she was back to her eight hour a day schedule at work on the computer. She had one reoccurrence in the past six months because she stopped her maintenance care (3-minutes two-times a day). Personally I have treated my own tendonitis conditions, which was relieved within a week.

In fifteen years of professional practice, I feel that Armaid is not only the best treatment for carpal tunnel and repetitive stress, but the only treatment I have found to work on a consistent basis with miraculous results. I would recommend Armaid without hesitation to all health professionals and to clients who are involved with repetitive stress syndromes. M. Rabia Barkins, Occupational Therapist, Registered

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I wanted to share with you my experience using a product called Armaid. Initially, the hand therapists did not think it would be valuable to us, including myself. I think this was primarily due to not understanding how it worked and what it could really do. I decided to give it another try. I started to use it in the clinic, on patients and myself. I have had a chronic problem with my elbow for about three years. I was surprised at the improvement I experienced. I honestly do not believe I would have given it another chance, if it had not helped me.

The inventor, Terry Cross, gave me ten Armaids to try out with my patients. Over the course of fourteen months, I provided these to select patients for them to include in their home programs. All but one of those patients reported improvement from using it. I continued to use it in the clinic along with other treatment protocol for tennis elbow. The patients did like using it and most reported that they believed it was especially helpful to hasten their recovery. I had provided an Armaid to a Fujuitsu employee who was very excited about her progress. She told the occupational health nurse at her work about the device. The nurse was so pleased, she called me to inquire about it. She was very happy that the employee has a device that she could use to be responsible for her own condition and maintain her level of function.

Armaid applies direct pressure to myofacial trigger points, which basically decreases/resolves muscle tension/spasm, allows elongation of muscle tissue, that in turn decreases tension on the bony attachment. The work of Travell and Simons promotes the identification and treatment of myofacial trigger points to alleviate pain, increase range of motion and increase strength. Lisa Howard has reported positive results in her practice by using tennis balls to treat myofacial trigger points. Although tennis balls do apply pressure, Armaid provides increased, direct pressure. I believe Armaid is an effective, simple device that can be provided to patients to help them be responsible for their recovery and maintenance of function.

I have spent a great deal of time over the past fourteen months observing many patients benefit from this device, as well as myself. I believe it is a worthwhile product that would contribute to our goals of promoting self-responsibility and maximizing function. Donna Patterson, Occupational Therapist, Registered, Certified Hand Therapist

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I take great pleasure in introducing to you a product I have been working with for the past six months called Armaid. This product is a self-administered massage device that was designed for those suffering from symptoms associated with repetitive strain injuries (RSI) of the forearm, wrist and/or hand.

As a clinician, I have worked with RSI suffers in hand clinic and pain management settings for more than 3 years and have found that few clients showed significant improvement without making serious changes to their lifestyle and imposed risks therein. In the face of changing health care system, we as professionals are challenged with finding innovative ways to improve quality care while lowering costs of services. One way of accomplishing this goal is to enlist the client as a responsible entity in the source of his or her own rehabilitation. Armaid may prove useful in facilitating the clinician when massage is indicated or in part as a tool for maintenance or preventative solutions in a home program.

For the past six months, I have had the honor of being part of a team that conducted research on the efficacy of Armaid as a therapeutic medium in treating symptoms associated with RSI. The results of the study are positive and the possibilities for use of this product in and out of the OT clinic are exciting. Michael Greiner, M.O.T., Occupational Therapist, Registered

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This thing is nothing short of amazing. As a massage therapist, full time, my elbow does get sore. L.C., MN

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Armaid is the single reason I'm a practicing massage therapist today. After 2 years in the profession, I developed a painful and debilitating repetitive strain injury. I went to doctors and saw a physical therapist 2-3 times a week for many months, but the pain in my arm, wrist and hand remained the same. I discovered Armaid in a massage trade magazine and knew this device would help reduce my pain. Armaid works! I can now work a normal schedule thanks to this clever device. If I work too much, the pain comes back, but after some Armaid and rest, the pain goes away. If you're a forearm athlete, I highly recommend this product. It saved my career! Former Massage Therapist



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