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I'd been going to Physical Therapy for over a year to treat my tendonitis. Within 2 days of using Armaid I could tell a tremendous difference in strength and range of motion. The ability to do my job again makes me an absolute believer in Armaid. Dan Fleming, Technical Writer

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I've found massage is extremely helpful for RSI too, though ironically, it is hard on your hands to do it yourself.

After trying a lot of different massage tools, I found Armaid which finally got rid of my wrist pain. It cost $100, which seemed expensive at first glance, but on further thought, I realized that $100 is the cost of two hours from a massage therapist for a tool that I can use for an unlimited amount of time. After using it, I knew it was cheap at that price. John Wells

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I got an Armaid 3 weeks ago on recommendations from the Sorehand support group. For me it has been wonderful! My RSI is from poor mouse & keyboard technique, plus piano playing and bike riding; it has manifested itself as burning in the forearm and pain just above the elbow (lateral epicondylitis or Tennis elbow). I was as surprised to find that working Armaid on the forearm relieves the pain above the elbow, as well as the burning in the forearm. Before Armaid, my forearm was like a bundle of snakes on fire. It's still kinda snaky in there, but the fire is almost completely gone now and the snakes are slimmer. I had really rapid progress in the first week (the first two days, even) and then the progress slowed down -- but I am typing and touchpadding (with much modified technique) comfortably now. Still staying away from the piano and off the bike for now. I liked it so much that I bought a second one as a backup -- I wanted to let a friend try it for awhile, but was unwilling to go awhile without one. I have been refraining from writing to Sorehand about it for a while, so that I could give a more informed opinion and could perhaps tone down my enthusiasm enough that I don't sound like a rabid Armaid devotee. But I do love what that thing is going for me! Thanks to those here who pointed me it, and of course also to its inventor, long may he live. David Dryden

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I have been dealing with a computer RSI for the last 8-10 years, and it took a few years of hard experiences at first to really begin to understand what was happening to my body and get a handle on how to deal with it. I first heard of Armaid on an internet email list about 4-5 years ago. Since professional deep-tissue massage had been more successful for me than other modalities such as stretching or strengthening exercises, I decided to spend the money to give Armaid self-massage device a try.

While nothing is a cure-all for serious RSIs, daily use of Armaid has turned out to be a key piece of my ongoing maintenance program. Along with careful management of time on the computer including regular breaks, use of special ergonomic input devices, stretching, and weekly deep-tissue massage sessions, Armaid has helped tip the balance to enable me to keep working.

Although I do make time for stretching, it has never worked as well for me as Armaid. Armaid is also something that can give you some on-the-spot symptomatic relief, which despite its benefits if done regularly and persistently over time, stretching does not do. (At least not for me.) Without Armaid, I would be spending a small fortune on massage therapists to keep going, and it is possible I would have been forced to change careers. I am a pretty tough customer but can say Armaid has successfully met my expectations.

Thank you, Terry, for developing this piece of equipment that enables RSI victims to do more effective self-care and be less dependent on costly outside care. $100 for Armaid may seem like a lot when first figuring out how to deal with chronic RSI. But if you're someone who's experimented around with well-made ergonomic input devices, for example, you'll know the price is a bargain and more than fair. So if you've tried other types of treatment or rehab approaches and they haven't worked out for you (or maybe even if they have), I'd encourage you to consider giving Armaid a try and see what it can do.Ward Nicholson

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In October of 1998, after 10 years of working with computers as a graphic designer, I suffered a serious repetitive motion injury to my hands, wrists, and elbows that altered my existence into a daily regimen of debilitating pain and limitation. I couldn't hold open a book for more than a few seconds, couldn't use my hands to hold my baby girl, and suffered holding utensils or brushing my hair. Since that day, I've met with countless doctors (including trips to the renowned Mayo Clinic), gone through numerous pain medications, and have had many sessions of physical therapy and rehabilitation. In my quest to overcome my injury, I've looked at nearly every device available to help out people with RSI problems. Among the many alternatives, I tried acupuncture, learned to use a computer with my feet, employed speech recognition, and used a "mouse" device by moving my head.

By early 2005, although my condition was drastically improved, I still needed to rely on numerous adjunct devices to continue my life as a graphic designer. Though I'm now self-employed, I still take pain medication daily, and I continue to use my feet for about 90% of my time on the computer. Recently, in my never-ending quest to overcome the pain I still feel, I read some positive reviews about Armaid on the internet. With a healthy dose of skepticism, but willing to give Armaid a try, I received the product in January of 2005.

As was suggested, I took it slow at first, using it on my forearms and hands for just a few minutes at a time, once or twice a day. Although I had some mild pain (as I was told I probably would by the Armaid folks) after first use, I considered the self-massage a "good" pain - like something new was happening . . . like something was getting accomplished. Surprisingly, after the 2nd day of using Armaid, my arms felt differently. The best way I can describe it is that my arms felt "free" and "lighter." I felt it was too good to be true when my pain subsided after just two days of use, so I held off telling anyone about Armaid, even my wife. I was not convinced that what I was feeling (or not feeling in this case) wasn't "all in my head."

Well, I've been using the Armaid for about a month now, and I really cannot believe it! I have not had a single day of pain since! After doing everything imaginable to beat this enormously debilitating injury - an injury that threatened my livelihood - this simple device has done what nothing else could; it has given me back a pain-free life! It has given me confidence and hope where little existed before! You've taken an injury that changed my life for the worse, that some of the finest doctors in the world (including those I saw at the Mayo Clinic) were completely dumbfounded about, and erased it away in 2 days! All I can say in all honesty and sincerity to Terry Cross and everyone involved with Armaid; Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please, for the sake of all the people who are still suffering like I was - get this wonderful product in the hands of all those physical therapists, doctors, and other rehab specialists who don't know of its existence. And for anyone else who can relate at all to my story, you owe it to yourself to give Armaid a try! Thank you so much! David Coleman, Imagine Creative Design, Indiana



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