What Inspires the Armaid Staff

"Inspiration is inherently personal, both in the abstract and in the particular."

swimming in ice cold water - going for a walk - bees - birds - night sky - Maine - nature

"Perhaps not originally from, but drawn to, we all call Maine home. She is abundant and ever-encroaching here. Inspiring, daunting, overwhelming at times, but forever larger than us and awe-inducing. We turn to Her daily for warmth, solitude, inspiration, adventure, creativity, nourishment, fun and a sense of belonging." - A

"When I am in a car, or a crowd, or in my house, in my mind I endeavor to hear the silence of the outdoors that I know from my walks; and then through that silence, the small sounds that make up the natural world. I am distinct and yet connected." - J

"Nature humbles me, comforts me. I love how big, strong, capable and giving it is." - M


family - kids - partners - dogs - cats - 'hugs from my kids'

"I feel blessed daily to have the abundance of love that surrounds me." - A

"Obviously it's love, but less obviously, for me, the hug is a reminder of how connected the kids and I are and how vital it is that I respect and protect that connection by being the most loving parent I can be. It's also a reminder to be in the moment, and really feel the hug." - J

"A tribe, a pack of sentient beings that wakes the ordinary into extraordinary. Compassionately taking one another by the hand, all-for-one and one-for-all." - M



"Peace. It does not mean to be in place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." - Unknown

"Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that is." - Mandy Hale

"Show up for this very moment." - Pema Chodron


waking up in the morning

"The stillness, the newness of the day, the groggy shuffle of waking the body for the day, yoga, locally roasted coffee with coconut oil, bathrobes, puppy cuddles, morning kisses." - A

"I truly feel reborn in the morning, clear-thinking and joyful." - J

"In the dark and silence of a new day, waking my body with quiet reflection and meditation, I am reminded to be present in the groundlessness." - M


playlists of 20,000 songs - 58 Main Street - Pandora - ellacappella - singing in the car with the windows down

"I am a top Billboard diva driving on a summer day with my windows down and the volume turned to 11. Can't turn me down ;)" - A

"Singing with other people opens your heart. It is a profoundly spiritual act, even if the song itself is banal. You are making a doorway with your voice." - J

"Life would not be the same without music, period." - M


self-discipline in a spiritual context

"Those who can stand calm in the face of aggression, anger and hatred, providing stillness, love and acceptance, even in the most tense situations…there are no words, only complete awe and amazement. The power of love and compassion emanating from that being is beyond my ability and comprehension. I aim to achieve the slightest ability to manifest that love in the face of anger in my lifetime." - A

"I am inspired by those who are committed to intense self-discipline so as to reduce human mind-sets (shenpa, "triggers"), physical body limitations and spiritual obstacles in the equation." - M


creative approaches to food to preparation - farm to table - Bon Appétit magazine - craft beer and wine - growing one's own food

"Food is life. And it rocks. The end." - A

"We share food in the office, something we cooked, something discovered, something we grew, something we caught and we merge our lives around this sharing." - M 


painting - sculpture - photography - art monographs

"I am humbled by the manifestation of creativity by others, and aspire to one day know myself well enough to put me into a medium others can see, feel, touch and dare I dream, be inspired by." - A

"The infinite perceptions and perspectives of art, created or found, amplifies my humanity." - J

"Heather Lyons, Jeffery Becton, Goody B. Wiseman, David Graham Baker and Paul Trowbridge, to name a few local artists, they freeze frame a moment and by looking at their art I am able to see and feel the Divine." - M


The Power of Now - Buddhism - daily meditation - Non-Violent Communication

"We are all one. And there is only love. The sooner we all hold compassion in hearts with love as our intent, healing can take place."
- A

"Remove distractions and complacency, look at my baggage, allow myself to be vulnerable, stop my struggle against the changes in life, live my truth, accept others and enjoy the ride, what a rush." - M

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